Educating the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Specialty Programs

Elementary students study with Specialty teachers several times a week depending on the semester. Middle School students take two specialty classes per semester rotating between Art, Music, Computer Science and Physical Education throughout the year.

Foreign Language
Beginning in kindergarten, students are introduced to the Spanish language, which is designed to promote an appreciation of other customs and cultures. Students learn to listen, write, sing, read, and converse. The program increases in difficulty according to the grade level.

Marquette students learn the elements and principles of art by using a variety of media. Our kiln allows us to be very creative with clay.

Students also learn the basics of music theory and apply them in class in song and instrumental performance, including hand chimes.

Computer Science
Everyone uses a computer in some capacity every day. Computer application classes help students to learn how to use the computer more effectively. Using a variety of fun, interactive teaching methods, students learn to research honestly, create films that can be used as learning tools for presentations, weave together presentations that hold the audience's attention and are timed to the second. Programs learned range from iPhoto for Photography to Type to Learn for keyboarding. Your child will be a more productive and skilled computer user for the work they need to accomplish during their school career and for years beyond.

Media Center
Students explore literature, different genres, writing styles of authors and understand how to seek knowledge using digital resources as well as books, articles, and online resources.