Educating the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Welcome Letter from the Assistant Principal

Since its founding in 1918 as Sacred Heart School under the direction of the Ursuline Sisters, Marquette has a long tradition of academic excellence. That tradition continues today as we educate our children for the world of tomorrow.

Combined with outstanding academics, Marquette students receive an education that nurtures their spirit and heart. Participating in weekly Masses as well as mission projects in and out of school, our children develop empathy and compassion for the less fortunate. These experiences will enable them as future leaders to govern not only with their minds but also with a conscience.  

The purpose of Marquette Catholic School is to use our commitment to faith and pursuit of academic excellence to evangelize, educate and form students as disciples who enthusiastically bring Christ to their families, fellow parishioners, and the larger community while preparing for success in their academic and future professional lives.

In October, we lost our long time principal Pete Theban to pancreatic cancer.  After an extensive search, a new principal has been named.  See below for information on the incoming principal.

-Tracey Robinson, Assistant Principal